Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions of Sale ("Agreement") apply to you ("Buyer") when purchasing products and/or services and support ("Product") from Laser Labs Inc("Seller"), unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by Seller in a separate purchase agreement with Buyer. By submitting your order, Buyer accepts and is bound to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1. PRICES/SHIPPING CHARGES/PAYMENT TERMS All Product prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars and are exclusive of all taxes (except taxes levied against Seller's income), including state and local use, sales, property (ad valorem), and similar taxes. Buyer agrees to pay such taxes unless Buyer has provided Seller with a valid exemption resale certificate or unless such sale is otherwise exempt from such taxes. When applicable, such taxes shall appear as a separate item on Seller's invoice. Terms of payment are within Sellerís sole discretion, and unless otherwise agreed to by Seller, payment must be received by Seller prior to Sellerís acceptance of an order. Payment for the Products will be made by credit card, wire transfer, or other prearranged payment method unless credit terms are granted by Seller. Invoices are due and payable within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice. A finance charge of 1% per month shall be applied to all fees not paid within 30 days of the invoice date. Buyer assumes responsibility for all costs of collection, including attorney fees, for fees outstanding beyond the 30 day period. Buyerís order is subject to cancellation by Seller, at Sellerís sole discretion. Seller is not responsible for pricing, typographical, or other errors, in any quote by Seller and reserves the right to cancel any orders resulting from such errors. All quotes are subject to Product availability and/or prior sale.

2. SHIPMENTS, RISK OF LOSS, TITLE, INSURANCE All Product shipment delivery dates are estimated and Seller shall make a reasonable effort to meet any delivery date(s) quoted or acknowledged. However, Seller will not be liable for its failure to meet such date(s). For full Terms and conditions and further shipping information, visit Loss or damage that occurs during shipping by a carrier arranged by Seller is Sellerís responsibility. Loss or damage that occurs during shipping by a carrier arranged by Buyer is Buyerís responsibility. Title to the products (except software and documentation) and risk of loss shall pass to Buyer at the Sellerís delivery point to Buyer. Title to software products and documentation will remain with the applicable licensors. Seller will insure to full value the Equipment shipped or declare full value thereof to the transportation company at the time of the shipment. Buyer shall provide and maintain at its sole expense from the time of such delivery of the Equipment until payment by Buyer of the full amount due hereunder, for the Equipment insurance against loss, theft, damage or destruction of the Equipment for its full replacement value, with loss payable to Seller or its assignee.

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