Manufacturers and Dealer Support Services
Laser Labs Inc. Provides you with a national service company that can install, maintain and repair your laser system during and after the warranty period

We offer you extended service contracts or bill you on a per call basis


Choose a standard contract or have one tailored to your equipment and budget needs

Full Service Contracts
Covers all parts labor and travel
(Except disposables, fibers and arms)

Partial Service Contracts

Covers all parts labor and travel
(Except the laser tube, head, rod, flash lamp or cavity)
Disposables fibers and arms

Full Labor Contract

Covers all labor and travel
2 P.M. visits
2 Emergency calls
No Parts

Limited PM Contracts

Covers 2 P.M. visits per year
plus 1 Emergency call
No parts

Compliance Testing
Preventive Maintenance
Emergency Repair Service
In House Depot Repairs and Refurbishing

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