Diomed D15 Plus

2002 Diomed 15 Plus laser
Laser comes with footswitch, key, interlock plug, manual, and 5 fibers.
The system is performing to the manufacturers specifications.
The Diomed 15 Plus is used for External and Internal ELVT Vascular Treatments.
Manufacturers notes: Diomed Diode Laser Platforms DIOMED diode lasers are designed for multi-specialty application in minimally invasive surgery, open surgery, interstitial laser therapy and vascular applications. Operating at a wavelength of 810nm in the near infra-red portion of the spectrum, the DIOMED laser induces excellent hemostasis due to its high absorption in melanin and hemoglobin.
Compact and portable, they fit neatly into the doctor's office or operating suite and can be easily transported from one clinic to another or between hospital departments .
Quick to set up, the laser runs from a standard electrical wall socket and is ready for use within seconds.
Minimal maintenance & service requirements as the DIOMED surgical laser is a solid state system and has no moving parts.
Easy to use, the menu driven user interface gives immediate access to treatment options and continuous, pulsed, repeat pulse or timed countdown operating modes. Laser Energy delivery by flexible fiber for easy access to confined areas and compatibility with endoscopic Instrumentation for surgical applications.
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