Alcon 3000LE

Alcon 3000LE IMG_1862 (2)

New Ellex Super Q YAG head installed!

System is in excellent condition.
Here is some information on this great YAG.

  • Accurate delivery of energy - simply focus on the selected tissue and titrate energy until the desired effects are obtained. There are no complicated adjustments to ensure the laser stays in alignment. Just aim and shoot.
  • A slit lamp - with good eye relief, a bright field, and sufficient working distance to facilitate problem-free focusing and proper targeting of tissue whether a contact lens is used or not.
  • Operational flexibility - posterior offset capability, a wide range of energy selection, burst mode, and dual diode aiming beams result in the treatment versatility required for virtually any indicated clinical procedure.
  • Optional observer system, camera adaptations, and magnification changer, which further enhance the flexibility of the system.
  • Safety verification - a self-test program is executed each time the laser is turned on to verify that system functions are properly operating. Each time you change the selected laser energy, the YAG 3000LE test-fires internally, enabling the clinician to confirm energy delivered before actually treating the patient.
  • Mode of operation - Q-switch
  • Wavelength - 1064nm
  • Air breakdown - greater than or equal to 4mJ
  • Mode structure - Fundamental
  • Spot size - 11 microns
  • Cone angle - 16°
  • Pulse duration - 4ns
  • Burst mode - 1, 2, or 3 pulses per burst (20ms between pulses)
  • Setpoint - greater than or equal to 0.3 less than or equal to 10mJ, continuously variable
  • Repetition rate - 1.25Hz in single or double pulse mode, 0.66Hz in triple pulse mode
  • Aiming beam - Twin spot 670nm laser diode; intersecting beams with continuously variable intensity; maximum 200µw
  • YAG defocusing system - Continuously variable posteriorly from minimum setting to +250 microns
  • Working distance - 55mm
  • Electrical requirements - 100/240 VAC; 50/60Hz
  • Cooling system - Air convection
  • Unit weight - 59kg / 130lbs
  • Dimensions - Work area 740 x 470mm (29 x 19 in.)
  • Table range - Min: 740mm (29 in.) Max: 945mm (37 in.)